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Domestic PRoject 2023 - Property Extension - Grimsby

Cupaclad Logic 101 Vertical Cladding Slate system.

In the wake of the Grenfell disaster, this fireproof system is becoming more popular on vertical cladding and rain-screen projects and this is the first project where we implemented this new system.

As a professional provider and one of the only UK Installers, we were thrilled to be given the opportunity to showcase our latest cladding system on one of our recent projects. We were engaged by our esteemed client to provide a high-quality cladding system that was both aesthetically pleasing and extremely robust. We are pleased to report that our team of experts delivered an outstanding result, as evidenced by the striking before-and-after photos of the project. Our custom cladding solution not only adds a stylish touch to the property, but it also provides unparalleled durability and most importantly, fire resistance. This is a testament to our commitment to providing the best possible solutions for our clients, and we look forward to continuing to exceed expectations in the future.

The process to install is started by horizontal aluminium extruded battens being fitted to cladding rails which are attached to the main building structure. Best quality Spanish slates are then fitted to the horizontal rails to give a modern and fireproof finish to compliment both traditional and modern building styles. Bespoke trims can be created for all perimeter details and the cladding rails can be designed with various depth cavities to be filled with external insulation and firebreaks for full thermal and safety requirements.

Domestic PRoject 2023 - New ECO Slate Roof - LOCATION

NEW Structure ROOF Build WITH ECO Slate

Stace Roofing was qequested by a client to instal a new entire roof structure with new eco slate finish. 

Stace Roofing was qequested by a client to instal a new entire roof structure with new eco slate finish. 

The client’s request was no small feat, as it involved a complex and comprehensive installation process. However, Stace Roofing’s team of skilled professionals were up to the task, fully equipped with the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to carry out the project in an efficient and timely manner. To ensure that the client’s unique needs were met, Stace Roofing recommended a new eco slate finish, which not only boosted the overall aesthetic of the home but also proved to be highly sustainable. With their attention to detail and commitment to excellence, it comes as no surprise that Stace Roofing was able to deliver exactly what the client had envisioned for their home.

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